The pillars of Domain Driven Design with Marco Heimeshoff

Domain-Driven Design Norway
Domain-Driven Design Norway
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Marco Heimeshoff ( will be visiting our friends at NRK in October and kindly agreed to speak at our meetup!

Marco is passionate about software craftmanship and salsa dancing. He likes hot stuff like chilies and DDD :)

The talk:

Domain Driven Design is neither a method nor a technology, it is a culture, a way of thinking about the needs of the customers first and putting an emphasis on their language and human interactions. The promise of DDD is to tackle complexity in the heart of software, and the means are plentiful and can be overwhelming. There are three pillars though, on which the whole approach stands. A focus on learning, language and empathy. With the right mindset it becomes simple to derive good models, keep them pure and aligned with the business. Simple is not easy, but done right Domain Driven Design transforms everything in your organisation from code to culture, from agile to architecture.