AWS UG April Event


It's April and we're at the fourth location in this year already - great to have so many different sponsors and companies that are supporting the AWS Community and our user group in Munich!
This time we're having some drinks and food at Saxonia Systems (( and Carl Zeiss Meditec AG (!

18:30 - Doors open, networking, drinks, food
19:00 - Markus (Team Internet AG) - Recent AWS announcements
19:30 - Leo Lindhorst (Saxonia Systems) - Serverless Websocket APIs with Lambda & API Gateway
20:15 - Thomas Baumgarth (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG) & Sven Hoffmann (Saxonia Systems AG) - Talisker – Talisker – Disaster Recovery and emergency operation for ophthalmologist with AWS
21:00 - More drinks, more networking

Serverless Websocket APIs with Lambda & API Gateway
WebSockets provide a way to asynchronously publish events from the backend to Web-based clients, which is an important capability when combining Web Apps with event-driven backend architectures. But when building a completely Serverless backend it was a challenge for a long time to support long-living and stateful connections with short-living, event-driven Lambda Functions. Since re:invent 2018 AWS offers the possibility of building Lambda-backed WebSocket APIs using AWS API Gateway, which provide an easy solution for this problem. This talk gives an introduction to WebSockets and API Gateway WebSocket APIs and show how to get started with this powerful tool.

Disaster Recovery and emergency operation for ophthalmologist with AWS
For the last ten years ZEISS Meditec is developing the ophthalmological data management and diagnosis software FORUM. If the server is defective or a new release of FORUM is coming up, means always a sensitive moment for each doctor / computer scientist as this software is the clinic`s data backbone. One can only hope the backup is performing! Unfortunately very often the backup doesn’t exist or it‘s outdated. In the course of the cloud transformation of FORUM we are currently developing a tool that (1) synchronizes all significant parts from the installed on-premise product with AWS and (2) allows the doctor accessing his historical data via webclient in case of disaster. Thus the doctor has the possibility to continue his work even in case of disaster mode. In this talk we are presenting the use case and the AWS cloud architecture we developed for this case.

If you have an office or coworking space where we can meet [masked] people), want to sponsor drinks/food or have a (lightning) talk you want to present - please let us know!