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UPDATE: To get a little bit more food variety, we will serve you delicious "Käsespätzle" (swabian noodles with cheese) instead of pizza 😎🤓


Servus Agile Testers!

We proudly announce a spontaneous near-term Meetup before Christmas. Pooja from Wirecard will share her long-term gathered experiences as Quality Analyst (QA) in agile development organisations. We are all looking forward to her interactive session and a lively subsequent discussion about our "Dos" and "Don'ts". Hope to see you all there 😎

QA Role in Agile Organisations
30 min, Pooja Sharma, Wirecard AG

=> Who is a Quality Analyst - what does he bring to the teams?
=> How does a QA create the test pyramid and how does it avoid ice cream cone?
=> How does a QA work at Wirecard - which frameworks do we use to get a maximum and early feedback?

After Pooja's talk we will discuss the following topics in our well-proven open-space format:

• Is the typical role of a QA still sensible?
• Are the 4 principles of Test Automation helpful in the daily business?
• Manual vs. Automated Testing

Looking forward to seeing you soon 😉

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