Angular and C# .Net as Backend

Angular Basel
Angular Basel
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I'm happy to announce that we'll have another great presentation for the next Meetup at the28th of February.


7:00 - Arrival, Chat, Saying Hello

7:15 - Angular News, Questions and Shoutouts

7:30 - Angular 2 with .Net Backend

Speaker: Fabian Gosebrink
Fabian is Professional Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Technology Ambassador and Microsoft Certified Specialist in Web Application Development. Fabian consults and trains Customers in Angular and ASP.NET (Core) as well as helping them with the implementation of web applications and the related Frameworks up to Cross-Plattform development.

Twitter: @FabianGosebrink (

8:00 - ... knowledge exchange

If you have anything you want to show, we happy to give you a stage. If you have any link or hint, please put it into the comments, so we can all make use of it.

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