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Angular Universal with Express.js Demo

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Jonas F.


I'm happy to announce that we'll have another great presentation:


7:00 - Arrival, Chat, Saying Hello

7:10 - Angular News, Questions and Shoutouts

7:20 - Angular Universal with Express.js

7:45 - ... knowledge exchange

If you have anything you want to show, we happy to give you a stage. If you have any link or hint, please put it into the comments, so we can all make use of it.

This time we'll meet at our new Head-Quarters, the new innovation center of : Klybeckstrasse 190, Tram 8 Station Dreirosenbrücke. As we can not keep the main door open, someone will wait at the entrance. Please write a comment to this event page if you're late (or early) and we'll send someone down.

Of course whenever we have the chance, we'll be at the Magnolia Lounge, as it is such an amazing location and such a friendly company. But this time we'll try out our new Letsboot rooms...

Thanks to ( for the snacks and drinks.

Klybeckstrasse 190 · Basel
2 spots left