Meetup April - Open Layers

Angular Basel
Angular Basel
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We're happy to announce that we'll have another great meetup, thanks to Roland for presenting Open Layers.


7:00 - Arrival, Chat, Saying Hello

7:15 - Angular News, Questions and Shoutouts

7:30 - Introduction to Open Layers

1. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in general
- vector and raster features
- projections
- webservices (WMS, WMTS, WFS)
- (service) vendor landscape (with focus on

2. OpenLayers
- classification in the web client landscape (a glance at leaflet, google maps, etc.)
- basic concepts of OpenLayers

3. Practical example - tbd

4. OpenLayers and Angular (discussion)
- existing projects/packages
- challenges with Angular integration

7:50 - ... knowledge exchange

If you have anything you want to show, we happy to give you a stage. If you have any link or hint, please put it into the comments, so we can all make use of it.

We'll meet at the office of Bluesky at Aeschenvorstadt 36, 4051 Basel. Besides the location, Bluesky will also offer drinks and snacks.