Angular Graz Pizza-Meetup Q1/2019


This time, Dr. Philippe De Ryck, GDE from Belgium and international security expert visits us to do a talk about Angular Security.

# Schedule

1. The parts of JWT security nobody talks about: Dr. Philippe De Ryck, Belgium, GDE
2. Web Components with Angular - Beyond the basics: Manfred Steyer, Austria, GDE
3. Pizza
4. RxJS: Mastering the asynchronous nature of JavaScript, Juan Herrera, Colombia, GDE ⚡

# Abstracts

## The parts of JWT security nobody talks about

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) have become the de facto standard to transfer application claims between the client and the server. By design, they incorporate the use of signatures to ensure the integrity of the data. However, merely signing the data alone is not enough to guarantee security.

In this talk, we zoom into the security properties of JWTs. After introducing the different signature schemes, we dive into the hard parts nobody talks about. How do you manage and identify the keys used for the signature? How do you handle key rotation? And what about encrypting JWTs? This talk answers all these questions. You will walk away with a set of best practices for adequately securing JWTs.

## Web Components with Angular Elements: Beyond the Basics

In a snap Angular Elements provides Angular components as framework-independent web components.

But it is only later that the really interesting questions arise: What options are there for bundling Angular Elements and how does one deal with dependencies? Which polyfills do we need and when, and how can we lazy load Angular Elements on demand? How can ngIvy help us? What should be considered regarding zone.js and change tracking and how to use content projection?

This session answers these questions in order to help you benefit from Angular Elements in your projects.

## RxJS: Mastering the asynchronous nature of JavaScript ⚡

Join us to learn the main obstacles of writing asynchronous code in JavaScript and how RxJS help us solve them in a clean and elegant way. 🤵

We will evidence the most common problems you will find in the industry, we'll compare them with real-life analogies, and we'll fix them together:

🤖 Ensure the order of the messages
👽 Sync asynchronous tasks
👾 Cancel on-going asynchronous processes
💩 Gracefully handling errors

# Workshop

Dr. Philippe De Ryck will also give a full-day workshop about Angular Security that day. You can find more infos about this here: