Angular Leipzig #24: The future of Angular in the post-Ivy release


TWO amazing talks tonight
#1 Martina Kraus: The future of Angular in the post-Ivy release
Adjusting Component traits at runtime without using base classes or decorators? Ivy makes it happen: Ivy introduces a new concept called component features - small mixins for components, applied internally by Angular to all components. Furthermore, with Ivy you will be able to lazy load components on runtime without even using Angular modules anymore. During this talk you will get into the development with Ivy and all the benefits using component features instead of decorators.

#2 Michael Hladky: Tackling Component State Reactively

Ever heard about "ephemeral state"?
Ngrx, ngxs, akita etc did a great job in managing global state in SPAs.
However, nobody talked about the complexity and pain of managing the local component state.Based on a quote of “Gang of Four”:
“If you stick to the paradigms of OOP the design patterns appear naturally” I will solve isolates problems in a reactive way and the final design pattern for reactive component state results naturally.

If you attend this talk you will hear about:
- subscrption-less components
- local state management
- handling local side-effects
You will be able to write fully reactive components that will be well structured and organized without any effort.
• Wichtig zu wissen/Important to know
Sprache/Language: English


Speaker: Martina Kraus, Google Developer Expert

Level: Advanced

Vorkenntnisse (Wünschenswert)/Previous knowledge (Desirable): Just Angular

- Einlass/Entry: <= 18:00 Uhr
- Vorstellungsrunde + Orga/Icebreaker + Orga: 18:15 - 18:30 Uhr
- Start of the talk: ~ 18:30 Uhr
- Dauer/Duration: 40 min
- Fragerunde/Question round: 30 min
- Gemütliches Beisammensein/A nice time together

Livestream: Will be recorded but no livestream.

Food and Drinks are available. 🦄🥤