Angular Munich Meetup #19

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18:30 Come Together

18:50 Tobias Gassmann

Managing complex forms and input field dependencies in Angular 2

With our first angular 2 project, we had many challenging tasks to develop a new, state-of-the-art interest calculator for our website. In this talk, we want to delve deeper into the complex dependencies that we had to implement in our HTML forms.

19:20 Pascal Precht

Pascal is very bad at writing biographies about himself.

Behind the scenes of MachineLabs

In this talk we'll take a look behind the scenes of MachineLabs, an online editor for Machine Learning, and how it's implemented using Angular, RxJS and Firebase cloud services. We will dive into the source code and discuss some of the most sophisticated challenges in this project.

19:50 Pause

20:20 Manfred Steyer

Manfred Steyer ist Trainer und Berater mit Fokus auf Angular, unterstützt Firmen im gesamten deutschen Sprachraum, Google Developer Expert (GDE), schreibt für O’Reilly, Heise und das Java Magazin und spricht regelmäßig auf Konferenzen.

Reusable Angular Libraries for Enterprise Solutions

Whether the purpose is to split a large corporate application into small pieces, or to offer general functions to other projects -- every Angular developer eventually needs to build Angular libraries. Here, we are approaching this with the official Angular Package Format which defines a lot of details to respect. For this, we develop a npm package and distribute it via a private registry. We will also talk about best practices to make this library adaptable to many use cases. After this session, you know all the tiny aspects and traps one needs to consider when building a library that seamlessly plays together with Angular and its ecosystem.

21:00 Discussions/AMA- Round

with Carmen Popoviciu? Manfred and Pascal