State management in Angular with ngrx

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When a web application grows, state management becomes more complex. Components containing the same data are supposed to behave consistently. Deep linking needs to work on every page, loading the correct data, but only if needed. Enter ngrx, a redux-like container for managing state written in rxjs.

In this talk, we are going to take a look at how to work with ngrx. We will share our experience and explain which possibilities it offers for working with immutable state in angular.

18:30 - Doors open and Networking
19:00 - State management in Angular with ngrx by Gabriel Katz
21:00 - The End


Gabriel Katz started programming by implementing snake on his ti-89, because mobile phones were not permitted in the classroom. Since then, Gabriel worked on many different projects, from dental restoration software in Direct3D via online booking software and time tracking apps, co-founding a start-up company on the way. He went through the web development transition from server-side rendered web pages over jQuery through to single-page applications with angularjs and finally angular (2/4). He currently is a Senior Software Engineer at ti&m.

ti&m offices are located 4 minutes away from Kappeli Tram 2 and BUS 83 and 89 stop.