Processing Streaming Data with KSQL


Join us for an Apache Kafka meetup on February 28th from 6pm in Munich. The address, agenda and speaker information can be found below. See you there!

6:00pm: Doors open
6:00pm - 6:30pm: Pizza, Drinks and Networking
6:30pm - 6:35pm: Intro from Tipico
6:35pm - 7:15pm: Perry Krol, Confluent - Processing Streaming Data with KSQL
7:15pm - 7:45pm - Additional Q&A & Networking

Perry Krol

Perry Krol is a Systems Engineer at Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka. His career has always revolved around architecting real-time distributed systems for enterprises across a variety of industries. From the early days of integrating packaged applications using EAI technologies that evolved into building SOA’s on top of an ESB, to turning insight into real-time actions with the help of Event Stream Processing and CEP frameworks, to exposing the capabilities of such systems as secure and managed API’s to wider business eco-systems. At Confluent, all his past experiences come together as he helps customers to create real-time data driven applications on the Apache Kafka streaming platform that are deployed and operated on-premises, in the cloud and hybrid environments.

Processing Streaming Data with KSQL

Apache Kafka is a de facto standard streaming data processing platform, being widely deployed as a messaging system, and having a robust data integration framework (Kafka Connect) and stream processing API (Kafka Streams) to meet the needs that common attend real-time message processing. But there’s more!

Kafka now offers KSQL, a declarative, SQL-like stream processing language that lets you define powerful stream-processing applications easily. What once took some moderately sophisticated Java code can now be done at the command line with a familiar and eminently approachable syntax. Come to this talk for an overview of KSQL with live coding on live streaming data.

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