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Autonomous Driving Meetup #4

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The final Autonomous Driving Meetup for this year is set!

Christmas shopping can wait - you better join us, have snacks, chat, and enjoy the talks!

Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH, Audi's self-driving car subsidiary in Munich is hosting us in Ungererstr. 67

___ Agenda ___

_ Registration & Socializing

_ Intro

_ Session 1

Fail-operational dependable automated driving architectures (preliminary title)

Prof. Daniel Watzenig, Professor of Autonomous Driving at TU Graz and Head of Automotive Electrics/Electronics and Embedded Software Department at the Virtual Vehicle Research Center

_ Dinner Break

_ Session 2

Radar in Autonomous Vehicles

Stan Hristov, Radar Expert, Autonomous Intelligent Driving

_ Session 3

Synthetic Ground Truth for Deep Neural Network Training (preliminary title)

Elmar Berhöfer, Project Lead & Researcher, DFKI Robotics Innovation Center

Thomas Fischer, CEO, BeamNG

_ Socializing

___ Further Details ___

_ The talks are all held in english and will take ~30 minutes each

_ Sponsor: Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH