Azure Dev Kickoff 2020

Azure DEV Meetup Munich
Azure DEV Meetup Munich
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medialesson GmbH - Büro München

Leopoldstr. 8-10 c/o Nutrion Coworking Space · München

Wie du uns findest

Entrance Leopoldstr. 8, then downstairs into the basement, first door on the right "Nutrion Co-Working"

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We are in a new decade, the 20ies!
And we want to see and greet all of you! And we have some tremendous News to share!
So - let's see what's in in 2020!
What's up in Azure and what's next on the Meetup Roadmap?
Join us for a evening about Hot News in Azure shared by MVP Martin Brandl. But before going into the hot news, we have to share the Roadmap of Azure Dev Meetup Munich with you.
Expect cool Events and Topic series!

• 18:00 - 18:30: Doors open & networking
• 18:30 - 19:00: Roadmap Azure Dev Meetup Munich
• 19.00 - 20.00 : What's up in Azure 2020 - News and updates about Azure
• 20:00 - 20:15: Azure Freestyle - your stage!

Martin Brandl | white ducks | Azure MVP
For Martin, the Azure Cloud platform has been a toolbox for over 8 years. He knows where he can use which tool effectively and thus always finds a suitable solution. He is convinced that the modern developer is a composer whose key competence is to orchestrate solutions and to use them meaningfully. The Azure MVP status underlines his know-how around the Azure Cloud. Martin focuses on the architecture of modern Cloud and SaaS business applications and their automated deployment with tools such as Azure DevOps, PowerShell and Azure Resource Manager (ARM).