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Berlin Ethereum Meetup
Berlin Ethereum Meetup
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Shermin Voshmgir: Blockchain's Problems with Unknown Unknowns

Blockchain promises to dis-intermediate and disrupt governance by offering an incentive system for decentralised coordination of a disparate group of people who do not know and trust each other. We don’t have to trust people anymore, we only have to trust the code. So the theory goes. In reality, formalised and codified governance rulesets can only depict known knowns and known unknowns, but have very limited capabilities to properly deal with unknown unknowns — aka all those events, that cannot be anticipated, or have not been considered at the time of writing/agreeing on the code. Recent events in the Bitcoin & Ethereum community (ie. Bitcoins Blocksize debate & post TheDAO hard fork) are a testament of these limitations. Based on discussions in this post (, Shermin would present and discuss different aspects of these limitations and outline potential solutions.

Shermin Voshmgir is the Founder of BlockchainHub (, runs BlockchainHub Berlin, and was one of the curators of The DAO.

Christian Reitwiessner: TrueBit's Incentive Layer

Interactive verification is one solution to the scalability problem. The idea is that large computations are proven to be faulty by chopping them up into smaller and smaller pieces until a tiny step remains that can be easily checked by smart contracts. The difficulty lies in motivating Verifiers to watch the process: Verifiers are hard to reward if they do not find an error and the desired situation is precisely the one where nobody cheats and thus no computation contains an error. This talk will introduce an incentive layer that properly rewards verifiers "even" in the case where everyone is honest.


Free drinks, good company, and the latest news and updates about Ethereum right from the developers. Coding questions, questions about crypto-law, and general curiosity about Ethereum's capabilities are all welcome and encouraged!

Who is this for?

The event is mainly targeted at developers, but there is of course also time for general discussion about Ethereum.

Further information:

To find out more about how Ethereum works, consult the whitepapers, or go to the website

The videos from devcon1 (, devcon2 ( and the videos of previous meetups ( might also be of interest.