Visualizing Palmyra with Mixed Reality + Azure

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This meetup is hosted by and organized with ReDi School (

Talk 1: TBD

Talk 2: Visualizing Palmera with Mixed Relatity + Azure
After a short introduction Zaid will dive behind the technology of what it takes to create a Hololens applications (with Unity 3D) and how to integrate it with Azure Technology (Text-to-Speech).
With the support of Matthias Buchorn he will be visualizing the destroyed historical monuments of the city Palmyra (over 2000 years old city) in Syria with Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality Technology.
He will also be talking about future plans of the project with Azure.
At the end of the talk there will be a Hololens demo that the meetup visitors can expirience.

Speaker: Zaid Zaim
Zaid Zaim, a student at ReDi School and from Syria, is very passionate about the project and will also be speaking about the idea and background of this project.

18:00 - walk-in
18:30 - Start 1st talk
19:15 - Break
19:30 - Start 2nd talk and Demo