Berlin Process Mining #6 meets Process Mining experience in SAP and Incident Mgt

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"Practical experience with Process Mining in SAP and Incident Management systems and processes"
by Martin Niedermaier

- Franco Bettels as moderator
- Presentation + questions during presentation welcomed
- Following questions from question-pool to participants (general, technical, organizational)

Preliminary agenda for the presentation:
1. General information (company, person)
2. Approach to Process Mining (Why Process Mining at our company?, PoV, software selection)
3. Technical infrastructure (servers, connection to SAP, databases)
4. Experience in customer projects (lessons learned)
5. Summary/Reflection (current situation & approach)
6. Q&A session with questions from question-pool

Thereafter we will have time with food & drinks to discuss and expand on the topics raised by the presentation.

Looking forward to meeting you and happy Process Mining!

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Process Mining ermöglicht uns Geschäftsprozesse auf der Erkenntnisgrundlage von Rohdaten zu gestalten. Lasst uns in gemeinsamer Runde unsere Erfahrungen und unsere Begeisterung darüber teilen, eine weitere Stufe der digitalen Transformation zu erreichen. Fühl Dich herzlich willkommen!
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With Process Mining we are enabled to shape business processes based on raw data insights. Let us get together and exchange our experiences and enthusiasm about reaching a further step of digital transformation. Feel welcome to join!
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More details coming soon.