Presentacion Fibree - Málaga - Spain Roadshow 2019

Blockchain and Real Estate - Fibree Spain
Blockchain and Real Estate - Fibree Spain
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Av. Ricardo Soriano, 66

Av. Ricardo Soriano, 66 · Marbella

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Expo Costa del Sol, Av. Ricardo Soriano, 66, 29601 Marbella, Málaga

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The aim of this meetup is to exchange ideas on how to innovate the real estate industry with the help of blockchain - If you are interested in either blockchain or real estate this is the right place to show up. In case you are interested in presenting or you know someone you like me to invite to talk, just drop me a line! Thanks and see you soon!

The term blockchain refers to a technical concept whereby data is not stored in a central database, but on the decentralized systems of the users using encryption. We know Bitcoin, the digital currency and payment network, was the first application based on blockchain technology. The technology of blockchain is recently evaluated within the financial industry because it offers new options for handling payment and transactions. However, new ways of creating and signing contractual agreements are relevant to all industries where the secure transfer of data is at stake. We see great potential for adoption in various verticals.


Ali Parandeh ( Fundador Urbytus. Especialista en generación de comunidades y Blockchain )

Vicente Ortiz (Abogado e inversor. Especialista en Blockchain , crowdfunding e inmobiliario)

Miguel Raigón (Especialista en Marketing, Financiación y Blockchain)ángel-raigón-carmona-2b076019/