TECH - BCHGraz - Meetup #22 - Atomic Swaps


At our next regular Meetup we will once again dig a bit deeper into a more Tech-focused topic:

*** Atomic Swaps | Johannes Zweng (Coinfinity) ***

"Atomic Swaps" allow two parties to exchange coins in 2 separate crypto-currencies without the need to trust each other or a third-party (like an exchange).
In its most basic form both parties create transactions to their trading partner in a way that either outputs from both transactions or none of them can be spent (thus making the exchange of both cryptocurrencies atomic).
Since the activation of SegWit and the upcoming availability of the Lightning Network these types of swaps no longer have to occur on-chain obligatorily, but also can be carried out via the second layer Lightning Network if both chains support it (in fact the design of the Lightning network explicitly considers and enables these types of cross-chain exchanges).

Johannes Zweng ( started his career as a software engineer at Voice Business in 2003 and since he came across Bitcoin in 2011 he is following its technical development closely. Currently he is working at Coinfinity as a backend developer.

In this talk, Johannes will shortly outline the history of the idea of atomic cross-chain trades, which features a blockchain needs to support these trades and how they will work in the context of the Lightning Network.

Start will be at 19:00, presentation in English.

Looking forward to meet you there!

Your BlockchainHub Graz team,
Thomas, Didi, Sandra, Max, Wolfgang and Tom

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