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TECH - BCHGraz - Meetup #23 - State channels

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After the summer break we are coming back with our monthly Meetups. We are starting off with a technical one where we will be joined by our dear guest Ralph Pichler from the Ethereum Vienna community.

TOPIC: Constaninople and the state of state channels

In recent months there has been a lot of progress in state channel development. Counterfactual released their paper (and some demo code) a while back. Some other projects have also released preliminary code for their implementations. Meanwhile projects like FunFair have been at the forefront of bringing state-channel-like technology into real applications.

In this talk we will look at the current state of state channel technology with a special focus on the implementation and the concepts developed by Counterfactual.
In the beginning we will also take a quick look at the upcoming Constaninople hard fork which is expected for early November and also comes with some important changes that will help with the implementation of state channels.

Ralph Pichler is the organizer of the Ethereum Vienna community and a specialist in smart contract development. At RIAT he leads the Ethereum Academy and coordinates projects and workshops in relation to contract development based on Ethereum and Solidity. Pichler has been an active observer of the Ethereum space since its early days and works as consultant and auditor for smart contract development. Besides that he is also working on developing the storage incentivation layer (also known as Swap, Swear and Swindle) for Swarm.

Start will be at 19:00, presentation in English.

Looking forward to meet many familiar faces and also welcome new members.

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