3rd Budapest Clojure Meetup 2019

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12 Personen nehmen teil


Grabow & Kiss Software Kft.

Károlyi Miháhly utca 17 · Budapest

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Doorbell No. 11, First Floor

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Dabbling in the JNI with Clojure

The Java Native Interface (JNI) is a foreign function interface
programming framework that enables Java code running in the JVM to
call and be called by native applications and libraries written in
other languages such as C.

Join us for live experimentation with calling into C libraries and
using system calls directly.

In the second half Yasuyuki Maeda will be presenting his structural editor:

"I'm a programmer in Japan. I also make sound with clojure + overtone, and perform the live-coding show.
I'm developing a structural editor with electron + clojurescript for audience to make easier to understand s-expression: https://twitter.com/maeda_/status/1104705015506059265"