Modern C++ Allocators (C++03 to C++17)

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Robin will give an overview about allocators in the C++03, C++11, and C++13 standard. He will show why and when they should be used and what to expect from future polymorphic allocators in the upcoming C++17 standard.

If you are stuck in one of your current problems or would like to discuss your current approach, please bring 1-3 slides for presenting it and we will try to help.

The meeting starts at 6:30 pm with an introduction of the participants and around 7 p.m. we start with the talk. Please note that the main entrance closes automatically at 7 p.m. If you come later you have to get our attention somehow.

We have a new room that is more easy to find and hopefully more appropriate. If your standing in front of the building then use the entrance at the right side of the building (where the gas station and bicycle stands are). The room is the former cantina, located in the second floor (in German that is 1. Stock) directly above Leitstelle. Just climb up on flight of stairs and keep left.

BTW: If you find yourself in a big room with lots of people, then your are probably at "Zünder für Gründer" ( If you are not interested in starting your own company, then you have to go out to the street again and use the right entrance.

After the talk and discussion we might move to "Zünder für Gründer" to grab a complimentary Bratwurst and some (non-complimentary) drinks.