Our first online Meetup (international edition)

CakePHP Germany
CakePHP Germany
Öffentliche Gruppe


Dieses Event ist vorbei


Hey Folks!
We didn't have a meetup for a while here in Berlin, and I think now with more and more events moving to online-only, it is time to set up a gathering again for our community.
And since this is now fully online, why not inviting everyone of the (Cake)PHP coding community out there?

### Save the data

We will give you the details shortly.
If you want to co-host or add yourself as a speaker, please reach out with your topic.

Main topics so far:
- CakePHP 4.1 preview
- IdeHelper / IDE usability and development speedup tips.
- Auth with Authentication plugin
- Fixture Factories

### Time-Schedule
We want to do it 7PM Berlin time (GMT+2), so folks e.g. in the USA can join in still in the late morning.
And the ones more east, should still also be able to join in, as well.

Note: Event in English.