Campaigning: Storytelling (Tell Me About Yourself!)

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(This event will be held in English and it is Free!)
We are looking forward to presenting you an interdisciplinary guest presentation from Rinat Strahlhofer on the topic of Storytelling (about oneself):

“Tell Me About Yourself” is the most important question in Recruitment. And yet most people feel immediately paralyzed when asked to just talk about themselves. In marketing, this question offers a Storyselling opportunity. If we resonate with a person’s story, we invest. Therefore, the only commodity being sold or bought in recruitment is your story.

Put simply: a perfect look-at-everything-I’ve-done- right-story does not sell.

This is not a process of how to find the “Right” things to say, it’s about how to get to what is “Real”. Real sells. These principles have long been at the cornerstone of successful Marketing, now its time to embed these principles into the DNA of Recruitment.

See you then and happy campaigning!

The business campaigning GmbH Team