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Automated volume backups with Stash and setting up pipelines with Gitlab CI

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Perfekt Futur

Alter Schlachthof 39 · Karlsruhe

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Main entrance on the street right across Tollhaus

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Hey CloudNatives,

Our third meetup covers a practical view on setting up integration/deployment pipelines for containers using Gitlab CI and also tackles the problem of backing up persistent volumes used by your applications in production.

This meetup will be on a Monday evening. It takes place in the Perfekt Futur startup center and is sponsored by our awesome friends of awesome-it (


18:30 Get together
19:00 Automating Kubernetes volume backups using Stash by Daniel Bross
19:45 Break: food and drinks
20:30 Ship your containers fast with GitLab CI by Niclas Mietz
21:30 Socializing


Automating Kubernetes volume backups using Stash by Daniel Bross

When working with stateful components, persistent volumes are mounted into the container instances. These volumes are not easily accessible from outside the container. Setting up backups for those volumes can be cumbersome in a highly dynamic environment. The stash project ( is a Kubernetes operator built for the restic backup tool ( to reduce this complexity.
The talk describes the problem of backing up Kubernetes volumes, introduces the restic backup tool and shows how the stash project allows to configure your backups more easily by leveraging the stash custom resources. After a brief overview about the architecture, we will see a live demo of a backup and restore process.

Ship your containers fast with GitLab CI by Niclas Mietz

Build, Ship and Run your container from source to production with your own pipeline. In the era of cloud and dynamic infrastructure our integration and deployment pipelines for containers needs to be build up fast and easy as well. This talk will present concepts for integration and deployment of containers with GitLab CI. Create GitLab Runners for the different uses cases of containers and cloud native environments. We will also discuss a simple setup of your own CI/CD infrastructure that can be build up in less than 10 minutes.