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The cloud devours its children

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The history of the Cloud sounds like the success story everybody is dreaming of. The current stock prices of AMZN (792 billion) as well as MSFT (992 billion) proof that it was worth investing into it. From a technological point of view, one message of success follows another. Everything is now so much simpler, faster, better - including "Cloud Native", a non plus ultra among us cloud specialists.

The New Stack defines "Cloud Native" like this:

"Cloud native is a term used to describe container-based environments. ... Developers and operators dealing with this new breed of applications don't directly interact with application programming interfaces (APIs) exposed by infrastructure providers. Instead, the orchestrator handles resource allocation automatically, according to policies set out by DevOps teams. The controller and scheduler, which are essential components of the orchestration engine, handle resource allocation and the life cycle of applications." - clean, fast and abstract.

Well, who and where exactly will these DevOps teams be located in the future? Who develops these applications, who defines their architectures? Who earns money with the setup and operation?

Looking at the current automation projects underway at Microsoft and Google (Anthos), will there be a need for cloud specialists or architects in the future? Or are we designing ourselves into obsolenscene?

Our first "Cloud Native Arena" will be a battleground for all the gladiators that want to share, discuss and fight for their opinions under the topic "The cloud devours its children".

Our gladiators are ... drums:

Burkhard Noltensmeier:
"Everyone wants democracy, why do we submit to the seductive dictates of the cloud providers and social network giants?
Do we want to retain sovereignty over our own data and services ?
How dependent are we on the technologies and products of the big cloud providers and social networks giants?"

Christian Frank:
"If you're still deploying yourself, you only have yourself to blame! Software will rule the world of IT, not cloud infrastructure or orchestration - and if you're still running your own tin, you can't be helped anyway"

Join us for an evening full of opinions and if you bring your own, feel free to step into the Arena!

Belziger Str. 69-71 · Berlin, BE
38 spots left