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Manifesto Corpus - NLP in Political Science

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Location: Haus 6, Raum S13, Campus Griebnitzsee, University of Potsdam

What can we learn about political parties from analyzing their electoral programs? How do parties’ electoral programs differ between political parties and do they change from on to the next election? The Manifesto Corpus allows answering these and similar questions. The Manifesto Corpus ( is a digital text collection of parties' electoral programs. The corpus is open-access and contains more than 2200 documents from more than 50 different countries in more than 35 languages. Around half of these documents contain annotations about parties' policy goals and issues on the statement level (more than 900,000 annotations). Nicolas will present some of his work using NLP methods on the corpus.

Speaker Bio
Nicolas ( is a research fellow at WZB Berlin Social Science Center working in the
department on Democracy and Democratization. He is a political scientist
and finished his PhD on electoral programs and media coverage last year
and works on the Manifesto Project (