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Feb. Meetup: Event Sourced Graphs & Granular Leaflet integration for Angular2

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Michael H. and Sebastian T.


With one week delay because of Valentine's Day we are happy to welcome you to our February Meetup on Tuesday.

Querying and Processing Event-sourced Graphs
by Daniel Reich (

A graph usually represents a dataset at a specific point of time. However in most graph databases, changes in data oftentimes can not be reproduced. Combining the storage of the data and the change on it allows to restore the graph at a given point of time or to calculate a graph with different changes in the past. This approach gives opportunity to process over both data and time.

The talk explains how to store graphs over time, the basics of data processing and how to build a data processing system with Javascript.

YAGA’s leaflet-ng2
Granular Leaflet integration for Angular2
by Arne Schubert ( and Stephan Herritsch (

In the last six month the developers of the YAGA ( and some contributors from the FOSSGIS e.V. developed a module to integrate Webmapping components from Leaflet into Angular2. They build it on the experience from the previous integration to Angular(1) and the approach to support multiple components / directives and not only a single one (like in the angular-leaflet-directive).
In this talk we want to explain how we implement the directives / components and, of course, show how to integrate and use leaflet-ng2 in your Angular2 project, with the current release candidate. We want to introduce this module to the audience to get other opinions about this library for the final release of version 1.0.0, planned in summer 2017.

After two great talks there will be enough time to discuss anything your are interested in. The fridge will be well stuffed thanks to ArangoDB!

Hohenstaufenring 43-45 · Köln