Big Data and Society – Ethical implications of Big Data and Advanced Analytics

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From the Facebook and Cambridge Analytics scandal to the first casualties caused by autonomous driving – the ethical and societal implications of Big Data and AI are being discussed more and more.

Our Dr. Kerem Tomak will discuss his views on the topic with CorrelAid co-founder Dr. Arndt Leininger from Freie Universität Berlin and Professor Roberto Zicari from Frankfurt Big Data Lab.

We are happy to co-host this event with CorrelAid Rhein-Main ( Correlaid ( is a network of 670 Social Data Scientists who use Data Science to help Non-Profit Organizations to increase their impact. The Frankfurt Big Data Lab of Goethe University ( aims to carry out research in the domains of big data and data analytics from the perspective of information systems and computer science.

After short presentations we will have a panel discussion followed by opportunities to socialize.