#12: Reinforcement Learning & Founding "Connected Autonomous Mobility i.G."

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Let's create connected autonomous mobility & make cities more livable!

AGENDA (March 11th, 2019, 6-9pm @ Bosch)

1 Welcome Address by our host BOSCH
incl. Posterpitch: "Automated Future @ Commercial Vehicles - sensors, functions, measurements, process...

2 Keynote "Deep Reinforcement Learning” - by Dr. Tristan Behrens

Dr. Tristan Behrens is a yoga-teacher and has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. After five years in the German automotive industry he decided to become a freelancing educator. His services include hands-on courses, workshops, mentoring and prototyping. Today Tristan will talk about recent advances in Artificial Intelligence. Especially on the groundbreaking Deep Reinforcement Learning approach. On top of that, he will show how this approach can be successfully applied to Autonomous Driving.

3 Updates Connected Autonomous Driving Meetup
- Founding a Homebrew Computer Club for Autonomous Driving: "Connected Autonomous Mobility i.G."* Join us. Find a cool short name! Satzung & Beiträge: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10_zh799JsRpn_oyMtzbZm9KaQwDatXRj
- Silicon Valley Maker Faire Fieldtrip, May 2019

4 Discussion & Poster Session & Networking

About us:
This Meetup is for autonomous driving enthusiasts, self-driving car engineers and those who want to create a seamless connected user experience of mobility, information and services in cities.

*coined by Chris Anderson, diyrobocars.com