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Bringing innovation and digitalization into one of the most important industries is hard. We want to pool and connect startups working on products and services for the construction industry. This is why we are looking for an active exchange with experts or founders about best practices, own ideas and challenges.

This is an open group where we invite everyone interested in rethinking construction to participate. The group was originally founded by Digital Builders Munich. The organizing team of the current meetups works at Z LAB (http://www.z-lab.com). Z LAB is Zeppelin´s innovation centre, which shapes the future of the construction, logistics and infrastructure sectors. One of our main supporter is Roland Riethmüller, who also organizes the startup fair TECH IN CONSTRUCTION (https://www.tech-in-construction.de/) where relevant Tech-startups meet planners and contractors from the construction industry.

Check out our Open Innovation @Z LAB - videos (https://bit.ly/32BWC2G)!

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Exklusives Netzwerktreffen im Rahmen der bautec Berlin

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Z LAB meets Planstack & Airteam

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