Classifying Text Data with Embeddings

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Welcome to our 3rd DATANOMIQ Data Science MeetUp!
Today's topic is all about Classifying Text Data with Embeddings, presented by Artur Zeitler. Artur is a data scientist at DATANOMIQ.
Make sure to come early to grab a voucher for a free drink.

doors open at 6 pm (drinks)

PART ONE (6:30 pm):
- The advantages of word embeddings compared to Bag-of-Words
- The differences between the popular embeddings word2vec and GloVe
- How to train your own word2vec embedding with gensim
- How to apply GloVe and word2vec embeddings with Tensorflow
- open questions (7pm)
15 min break
PART TWO (7:15 pm):

- How to start a career as a data scientist
(presented by Benjamin Aunkofer. Benjamin is Chief Data Scientist at DATANOMIQ.)
- Open questions

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May 8: Imbalanced datasets: Dealing with the minority class