DNSHeads Switzerland 1st Meeting

DNSHeads Switzerland
DNSHeads Switzerland
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Let's talk DNS! This is the first DNSHeads meeting in Switzerland. We plan on bringing together operators of authoritative and resolving DNS servers to discuss DNS-specific topics in an informal setup (yes, this could mean beer is involved.)

We would like to host one or two short (around 20 min) talks or hands-on demos and leave enough time to chat everything DNS, which could include the latest insights from the DNS-OARC meeting (happening just a few days earlier ) and any other DNS-related topic that may be of interest to the group such as: DNSSEC setups at hosting companies/ISPs, automation , DNS availability (anycast, load balancing etc), RPZ, privacy implementations (DoT, DoH ), name server software...
If you have any specific topics you'd like to discuss, please put them in the comments below!

The meeting will take place at the Glockenhof Zürich near SWITCH , the registry for .ch/.li domains and operator of a resolver Infrastructure for Swiss Universities.

Coffee/Drinks and Snacks will be provided.

Agenda for the first Meetup:

* Short introduction of the participants
* News from the DNS-OARC meeting
* DNSSEC/CDS automation for hosting providers: FireStorm ISP GmbH will present their PowerDNS based setup
* Open discussion on all things DNS