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Meetup #10: Reinforcement Learning | Capsule Networks

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This is our cosy pre-Christmas meetup in December. So glad to announce once more very knowledgeable speakers from our community. This time it's David and Marcus on Reinforcement Learning and Kai on Capsule Networks.

We continue our meetup safari with great hosts and this time Eucon welcomes us in their headquarter.

David Middelbeck & Marcus Cramer
"Reinforcement Learning in Logistics – A Warehouse Management Case Study"

David studied Information Systems at the WWU Münster, Harvard University and MIT. He now works as Head of Product for Westphalia DataLab and is a Chairman of TechLabs e.V., a nonprofit organization dedicated to Tech (and Data Science) education.
Marcus studied Information Systems in Münster and is currently employed at Westphalia DataLab as Head of Technology.

Abstract: David and Marcus will share their experiences from projects with a focus on Reinforcement Learning. They will go beyond theory and cover possible pitfalls and success factors in a business use case.


Kai Lichtenberg
"Capsule Networks"

Kai Lichtenberg is a mechanical engineer turned data scientist and co-founder of While his professional work revolves around structured data, he has a great passion for computer vision tasks.

Abstract: As early as 1979, Geoffrey Hinton had the idea that neural networks for vision tasks need an inbuilt sense of geometry. It took almost another 40 years and the dawn of modern deep learning until he and his research colleagues came up with the architecture of Capsule Networks and a way to train them. Kai will give a general introduction and talk about the paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules.

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