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Disrupt Meetup | Decentralization of the Internet

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This meetup, powered by NOIA network, is invitation-only. NOIA is amplifying the Internet's infrastructure capacity by decentralizing Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) thereby moving content closer to the edge. At this meetup, NOIA will present their vision of a NOIA Network-led decentralized Internet and what's already been achieved.

NOIA is the next-generation, decentralized Content Delivery Network - powered by blockchain technology. It utilizes unused bandwidth and storage from computers around the world to create a widely distributed and decentralized layer of the internet’s infrastructure to dramatically improve how data is delivered across the internet.
By applying the next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocols, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, NOIA enables hundreds of thousands of computers to serve as points of presence (POPs) for web content caching and delivery through local internet networks around the world.

This meetup is invitation-only and will only be accessed by chosen guests and investors that attend the EWCC or that are invited directly to join the event. We have a limited amount of free tickets.

Decentralization of the Internet


Here is the current line-up of the upcoming speakers (will be updated over time):

(1) Miao Zhicheng (NOIA Network)

Miao has worked in the software industry for more than 10 years, while at Skype he worked closely with its peer-to-peer network stack - he has the knowledge of how to put the vision into practice for building decentralized software systems.

(2) Edwin-Alexander Kuss (NOIA Network)

Edwin, a Regional Director at Limelight Networks, one of the 5 leading global CDNs, is highly experienced in the CDN industry providing insight into the competitive landscape regarding pricing, capacities and services.


19:00h - 19:30h: Entrance
19:30h - 19:40h: Introduction
19:40h - 20:00h: What can Blockchain bring to the CDN industry? (tech side)
20:00h - 20:10h: Discussion and Q&A
20:10h - 20:30h: The Decentralization Potential for Today's CDN Industry (business side)
20:30h - 20:40h: Discussion and Q&A
20:40h - 22.00h: Get together


This meetup will be held in EN.


++++ This meetup is an invitation only meetup for corporate partners, speakers, sponsors and investors of the EWCC. We have only a limited number of free tickets available. Therefore, please RSVP your free spot on Eventbrite:
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