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This group was created in Summer 2013 by Francesco Occhipinti. He aimed at the highest possible accessibility for it, meaning that all the participants should find easy to feel involved in a dialogue. His goal was not just to have a place where relevant contents can be presented, but a space where it is possible to ask help other professionals about concrete problems, or just connect with people passionate about info/data vis.

In 2015, Lisa Charlotte Rost took over the meetup, and in 2017, Jonas Parnow joined the organization of the meetup. If you're new to Berlin & want to get to know the Data Vis scene, make sure to check out datavis.berlin, a website Jonas created. 

Ideas are always welcome. If you want to have feedback how to change the dynamics of the meetup, if you want to speak at the meetup, if you want to organize a meetup event yourself – just let us know. Thank you!