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Data Vis Talks – Data (Vis) Literacy

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Lisa Charlotte R. und Jonas


Let's face it: Bar charts are really boring, at least 98.5% of the time. That's why I created this amazing 5-dimensional chord diagram, rotating around at least 17 of its axes!!111 Wait, you're telling me that you don't understand what's going on? But it looks amazing and is top-notch innovative, so it must be good, no...?

It can be hard to keep the reader of our data vis in mind, but let's try (at least for this one meetup). We're happy to have speakers who do exactly that: Research if and how well people understand data (vis), and teach them to understand and use it better.

We would love to see you at this meetup. Show up, have drinks and meet data vis enthusiasts!

These are our speakers this time:


Evelyn Münster (@evelynmuenster (https://twitter.com/evelynmuenster)) is a multidisciplinary thinker on the crossroads of data analysis, data visualization and UX design. She has been developing interactive data visualization tools for science and business since 2008. Her talk will be titled "How data literate is your audience?", and she'll speak about a data literacy test that measures the ability to read and interpret data visualizations.



Helene Hahn, Knut Perseke and Moritz Neujeffski will be at the meetup to talk about Datenschule (https://datenschule.de/en/). Datenschule is a training program by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany that teaches nonprofit organisations how to use data: How to find data, how to analyse and how to visualise it. Helene, Knut and Moritz will talk about the experiences they made while giving these workshops with non-data-literate people. They'll especially focus on their coorperation with BildungsCent e.V., with whom they worked on their brand new project JedeSchule.de (https://jedeschule.de/).



Come and join us on Friday at Betahaus!
Betahaus Café
Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20 · 10969 Berlin
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