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October design lab

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Welcome to design lab. A community of designers that get together each month to talk shop, share ideas and designs, and get to know one another.

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🏆Raffle & Giveaways

Thanks to our sponsors at Sketch we will be giving away two FREE Sketch licenses in a raffle. Show up, collect your raffle ticket and the winners will be announced at the end.

🗓Schedule 🗓

6:30- Open for arrivals & drinks
6:55 – Welcome & introduction
7:00 - Talk one
7:20 - Q&A
7:30 - Talk two
7:50 - Q&A
8:00 - Open Mic Session*
8:10 - Raffle & close event
8:15 Networking

Talk one: Design Sprints – Hurdle Racing Challenges

Running a Design Sprint is not easy 
 but sooo worth it – Here is why!

During her time with trendig, Ina has collected some memorable experiences when facilitating Design Sprints. She will share some of the most inspiring, meritable, amusing and sometimes defiant moments with you - not without a certain wink of irony, here and there. (Note: The examples, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in the session are anonymized and subject to a heavy load of stereotyping.)
It is almost certain that great things are to happen when interdisciplinary teams meet - a diverse bunch of people that might never meet in “real” business life. Give them a time-box, a full-grown challenge, as set of strict rules, half-a-forest of sticky notes, some sharpies and paper and you will see magic happen right before you eyes. So much for the theory. What
about the hours of doubt, sweat and really hard work that come with it?
What are the trap-doors, pitfalls and hurdles the sprint members have to circumvent? How might facilitators guide the sprinters through this endurance race without draining the players or losing scope?

Get ready for a very grounded, practical, and honest session, drawn from real life, with real people and real challenges. Forget ideal and best practice! Leave your books at home. Bring nothing but an open mind and heart and take back some stories and lightning moments for your next sprint.

Speaker: Ina Hölzel

Ina is currently working as Product Owner & Design Sprint facilitator at trendig in Berlin. Dedicated to spreading “the agile with love” attitude to the community and beyond, she is also responsible for the annual Agile Testing Days USA conference. She is particularly passionate about people and the choices they make and seeks new ways to create a communal, team-oriented and fun work ambience.

Twitter: @trendigcomp / @Ina_Hoelzel
Facebook: @trendigcompany

Talk two: Don‘t make these mistakes: Learnings as a product founder

Founding a company and bringing a product into market is a long and often rocky journey. As designer you mostly well equipped with skills to sketch, prototype and build a product, but sometimes it feels like some areas are missing out: Business planning, hiring and even the exhausting parts like accounting. In this talk l make sure that you are aware about your skills as designer, as well as the most important learnings along the journy of building a company.

Speaker - Simon Staib

Simon Staib, has studied Interface Design at University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam and has founded two companies (blogfoster.com). In his daily responsibility, he oversees product management and marketing besides acting as managing director for the 60 persons company.


đŸŽ€Open Mic Session
We open the floor to you, the Berlin UI UX design community. If you’re looking for feedback, partnership or advice on a project you’re working on or simply have a question, this is the opportunity to ask the group & further the discussion at the social. Open to all.

✍Contact designlab@novoda.com if you are interested in speaking
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