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We love to use Docker in our daily business, that’s also why we organize Learn Docker events in cooperation with Docker Inc.

Join us for the Bochum local edition of this season’s Play-with-Docker workshop series!

We will have a number of labs available on a variety of topics and for different skill levels, including for beginners. Bring your laptop and let’s #LearnDocker! :-)

In cooperation with the bee42 and the Docker Dortmund MeetUp we will organize this amazing event at the bee42 office @Funkhaus on November 26, 2018 (Monday).

We warmly invite also newcomers and the already known Docker friends! We wil provide free Docker labs and courses to learn all about Docker in a fun and easy way.

We’ll have hands-on labs with self-paced tutorials for every experience level from absolute beginners to professionals (with focus on beginners to intermediate).

The Agenda for this evening:

17:30 - 18:00: Doors Open
18:00 - 18:15: Salutation and introductory words
18:15 - 19:45: Mentoring container sessions
19:45 - 20:00: Closing Remarks, Networking
20:00 - 22:00: Celebration with drinks and pizza

Peter Rossbach, our Cloud Native and Docker expert, will held an short introduction about Docker and the Learn Docker event. With ending of the introduction all participants will build small groups to handle the courses in a timeframe of two hours. In some groups there will be dedicated Mentors for the courses, because Mentors likes as well to learn new stuff and take challenges :). And the other groups can also get help from Mentors on-demand or Mentors ask them if they can help on the problems. Our Meetup ends with Pizza and Drinks to get strong enough for all problems that we want to solve.

Here is the list of our current Labs:

Play Kubernetes with the Raspberry PI toys
(by Peter Rossbach)
• Learn the kubernetes setup and container orchestration basics quickly
• Kubernertes Hands On
• Transfer your experience to a Raspberry PI Kubernetes cluster, and have fun

Docker Swarm Basic Lab
(by Dmitry Chaykin and Jan Stroppel)
(further information will follow soon)

Modernizing Traditional Java Applications for Beginners
(by Kevin Wittek & Albert Weis)
Moving an application to Docker doesn't mean you have to re-write your whole application. In this lab, you'll containerize an older, monolithic Java application without changing any code. And you'll see the benefit of running it on Docker. Then in a few simple steps you'll build additional services in separate containers, breaking features out of the monolith into separate containers, without rewriting the app.

MORE LABS WILL COME SOON. We have still some things and organization left :-)
Stay tuned!

See you soon,
your Docker Bochum Team