AR/VR Meetup Düsseldorf: #faderstories - Building hands-on VR/360° experiences

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Please save the date for our next Meetup on 20th of March at our new location! Thanks to Factory Campus Düsseldorf and Ralf Neuhäuser we have a new home for our meetup. Our next presentation comes from Alexander Plaum, Deutsche Welle:
#faderstories - Building a hands-on VR/360 editor & publishing platform for...
...basically everybody!

Alexander Plaum is an online editor, blogger, and media consultant with a keen interest in IT, pop culture, and politics. He currently spends most of his time at Deutsche Welle (Germany's international broadcaster), where he oversees media innovation projects. One of them is Fader, a VR/360 storytelling editor and publishing platform developed in cooperation with Vragments (a startup based in Berlin) and Euronews (a private international broadcaster based in Lyon).

If you would like to present some of your demos, please let me know. See you end of March!

• Tour Factory Campus:
If you are interested to join a small tour through the location, Ralf (Ambassador at FC) would like to invite you. Please let us know if you would like to join and we'll organize something right before the Meetup (around 6 pm). • Important to know:
You can use the parking space right in front of the Factory Campus, but please keep in mind that the place will be closed at 10 pm. As long as you drive out until that time, everything will be fine. Drinks will be there, but please leave some coins in the cash box.