5th Elixir Rhein Main Meetup

Elixir Meetup Rhein Main
Elixir Meetup Rhein Main
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An der Welle 3 · Frankfurt am Main

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This is a meetup for all people working with and interested in the programming language Elixir 💧.

We want to meet up in a friendly atmosphere to talk about Elixir, OTP, Erlang and related technologies.

---------- Agenda ----------

0) Welcome + Sandwiches! 🥪 🥪 🥪

1) Talk: Shuja Parvez - "Connecting Meteor to Phoenix Channels"

2) Talk: Christian Bäuerlein - "Flocking Simulation with Phoenix Channels"

3) Chitchat/general discussion


You want to learn something about Elixir?
Please join us, everyone is welcome!

You want to give a talk or teach us something about your learnings with Elixir?
Please send a message to the organizers.