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Fintech Camp Munich - Elevator pitch training for Fintech

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Stefanie M.


*** cancelling this event due to a lack of participants that work on actual cases. Sorry! ***

Everybody knows the situation: You meet a friend, potential partner or customer on the street or at the train station which gives you 2 minutes to convince him of your business idea. This is harder than having a 30 min talk! But you lose a lot of potential if you're not prepared for it and let's be honest: A good elevator pitch is key to every long pitch as well...

Let's have a look at your pitch, work on it together and learn to focus on the most convincing aspects.
Note: You can only join this meet-up if you are representing an existing or planned fintech company. It's no theoretical role play.

Fintech Camp Chapter Munich
Fintech Camp Chapter Munich
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Arabellastraße 23 · München