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FreeCodeCamp CoLearning+CoWorking

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Jede Woche am Freitag bis zum 31. Januar 2019


Lehrter Straße 53 · Berlin

Wie du uns findest

The entrance is on the ground floor at the door between the two large windows (BeLUG+IN-Berlin). You can't miss it ...

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"Learn to code for free!" :-)


learn about: HTML · CSS · JavaScript · React · Redux ·
Node.js · d3.js · MongoDB · JQuery · Git · Github · Heroku ·
Front-end Development

Let's help each other in completing this educational challenge.

Just drop in!
There is fast internet (cable+wifi), power for your laptop,
snacks, beverages, a sofa, and a nice atmosphere. :-)


Q1: [date+place] when+where will
"FreeCodeCamp Berlin" happen?
A1: FreeCodeCamp Berlin happens at IN-Berlin
for now - as long as Bodo Eichstädt and me,
Sven Guckes, are able to. We are looking
for more people to keep it running, though.
HINT HINT please get in touch with us! :-)

Q2: [cost] what does it all cost?
A2: The participation is free, ie
power, internet,heating - all covered.
However, the beverages cost 1€/bottle.
and the choco snacks cost 25c or 50c each.

Q3: [status] is it colearning or coworking?
A3: It is more colearning, ie we help each other.
"coworking" would be more like "paid space",
ie you'd pay for being there and its services.

Q4: [space] what is this space, really?
A4: The space is the rooms of -
a community Internet Service Provider (ISP).
One room contains the stuff of the
Berlin Linux User Group (aka BeLUG).
Meetup are every wednesday from 6pm.
Every 2nd wednesday is for internal projects -
every other 2nd wednesday is dedicsted to
"we help you fix your Linux problems".
The back room is the electronics laboratory
(aka eLAB), open on Tue+Fri from 6pm.
Fix your hardware and use soldering irons,
as well as some 3d-printing.

Q5: [food] what kind of food is there?
A5: There are chocolate bars, some nuts and
chips available (costs 25c,50c).
You can also bring your own food and use microwave/stove/oven.
We might also go out together to have lunch
(eg falafel, pizza, soup).
You can also make your own tea and coffee.

Q6: [focus] is it for FreeCodeCamp only?
A6: The FreeCodeCamp meetup is primarily
for learning about the web technologies.
You are welcome to work on whatever
you are interested in. Sit down, log in -
do your thing! Only if it will get really
crowded then it is "FreeCodeCamps first".

Q7: [my own group] can i bring people?
A7: sure.. brings friends and co-learners!
If it gets too crowded (23+ we figured),
and you'd rather be your own group
then you might do your own meetup.
Take a look at the VereinsRaum calendar
for a free time slot - and then
contact IN-Berlin's support team:
as long as the cause of your meetup
if for everyone and non-profit - well!
A donation is welcome. ;)