Friendly Functional Programming

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This meetup will be a space for all of us to explore different functional programming languages together. We want this to be open and welcoming for everyone, from people who have never used functional programming languages to those who have already mastered a few.

We will focus mostly on statically typed languages like Haskell, Elm, OCaml/Reason, Rust, F#, Scala but maybe also Lisp, Closure, Erlang or Racket at some point.

At every meetup event we will focus on one programming language. The concrete language for a specific date will be published one to two weeks in advance.

The outline of the evening will then be:

• A 25 minute introduction of the language

• A 25 minute talk from an experienced user about using this language for a bigger project or an interesting feature of the language

• And finally an open hacking session of about an hour to try it out for yourself, either alone or in small groups. We will have a small example project that you can use to get started but you can always work on something else as well of course.

We want this to be an inclusive learning environment for everyone and thus follow the Berlin Code of Conduct ( If you are from a group that is under-represented in tech, please feel especially welcome!

Come join, it should be fun!