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GOTO Night: Retrospective - A decade of transformations

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Doors opening 18:30
Start 19:00
Cost free of charge

Snacks & refreshments included
Speaker Saskia Kurz & Daniel Kirmse
GOTO Night: Retrospective - A decade of transformations

You always know better in rear view, don’t you? Were these transformations success or failure? As always answers are neither easy nor simple. We will present you with our Lessons Learned from Lean/Scrum, Agile and DevOps Transformations in a big development organization at SAP.

Bio: Daniel Kirmse started working in tech around 30 years ago as mainframe operator and soon moved into a development career. He's with SAP for 20 years now. As a developer he laid his hands on a wide range of software covering business applications, administration tools, web servers, databases down to on-the-wire database clients. He loves high-performing teams delivering high-value, high-quality pieces of software as a habit. While doing so he acquired deep knowledge about Agile and Architecture. As an Agile Coach he spread this knowledge and was at the frontline of Agile transformations. Currently he works as a DevOps change agent driving the adoption of a Cloud native development style.

Bio: Saskia Kurz started her professional life as a software developer at SAP in database development where she quickly developed a certain affection for bit shifting and porting software to different architectures. In her current role as a development manager, it is part of her job to help people navigating through the challenges that transformations bring with them. She loves working with self-organising and empowered teams, especially since she is also a product owner in the area of cloud landscape services. She has been with SAP for 9 years.

PS: We will once again raffle one conference ticket for GOTO Berlin 2018 ! ;)