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Brown-Field Functional Programming in C#

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Brown-Field Functional Programming in C# with Atif Aziz

C#, .NET and the CLR have their roots in Object-Oriented Programming. Unless you've had the luck and the luxury in the last few years to do green-field projects in F#, Haskell or some language du jour with the functional programming paradigm and unicorns at its heart, you're going to have to work with large & existing OOP code bases for the foreseeable future. In a completely code- & example-centric talk, we'll see how all hope is not lost; how you can perfectly reap the benefits of functional programming in your brown-field C# projects without the FoMO that makes you want to abandon your current project, toolset, team, employer, career and become a fish farmer somewhere in the Caribbean (although no disgrace in that).

Organizers' note: Atif is known for his code-intensive talks. If you like educational and, same time, entertaining talks - you're welcome. Everyone will learn something new at this session, that's guaranteed. If you have any questions on the talk leave them here, in the comments session...