Group singing lessons: How to read music! Focus on Melody

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Happy Pigeons

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It's about a 5 minute walk from S Prenzlauer Allee. Just follow the pin to Happy Pigeons, a co-working space!

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Everyone make sure you note that we have a new location for the meetup! We're now by Prenzlauer Allee, so check that out before you come!

Hi! My name is Jared from the US and I'm a voice teacher, professional classical singer, and voice actor here in Berlin. I'm beginning with a new concept of offering group voice lessons, to keep prices low for people who want to learn to sing. The class is free, but there is a recommended donation of 10 euros for those that can donate. Having people that are interested and enthusiastic is the most important thing for me, and if money is an issue, please come. It truly is a donation.

This class will be for people of all singing abilities (including first timers!), and the concepts taught are universal and relatable. Singing in front of others is a very vulnerable thing to do, so those giving negative judgment will be heavily discouraged. There will be no mandatory singing alone in front of the class, but that will be available for those that want it.

I will bring a small travel keyboard, and we will sing 2 songs together and talk about how to make them sound as best as they can. Anyone is welcome and all singing abilities are also welcome. The class begins at 18:30 and will be taught in English. I speak fluent German, and questions in German during the lesson are always welcome. If you are wanting to have a lesson in German, please check out our event on Mondays at the same time.

If you enjoyed the class, please consider joining the community! We have a choir that meets just after this meetup, so please stay if you had a nice time!

This class is advertised in many places, and we do have many regulars that come and don't sign up. The number signed up on Meetup won't necessarily reflect the true number that come.

This lesson is a bit different and will be a crash course on how to read music. Learn how to read pitches!

See you there!


This is the second part in a 2 part series on how to read music. Last week was rhythm, and this week is melody. If you couldn't make it last week, you are still welcome, but we will proceed as if you understand basic rhythms.

10 Min. Introduction
What are the clefs? What do the lines and the spaces mean? How do scales work? Some countries use Do re mi, and some use letter names. What is that about?

10 Min. Singing easy melodies
We will sing some easy melodies from a worksheet. Moving up or down by step along the scale is the easiest starting point.

10 Min. Easy children's song
Can you tell what children's song it is just by looking at the music? We'll of course sing it too!

20 Min. Intervals
This is the hardest part of melody. Notes will jump from place to place. Each interval sounds a certain way. There are 12 in total. We will sing some examples with easy intervals using the major scale.

10 Min. Melody of Creep
We'll combine the rhythm from last week and turn this into a full understanding of this song.