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The next event will take place in basecamp in Berlin Mitte on the 24th January 2017. This time we will have three great speakers talking about mentorship as a recruiting tool, conflict solving skills and much more.

Please notice: To register for the event, click in on the eventbrite ( page. Link will be added in the next days. More detailed information about the program and speakers can be found here very soon.



19:00 Doors

19:30 Input from three great Speakers

• Lea Böhm - Allesroger

• Ivo Betke - Recruitment GmbH

• Karin Heinzl - MentorMe

20:30 Panel Discussion / Q&A with the Speakers

21:30-22:00 Networking


Lea Böhm - Allesroger (

Lea is known as a pioneer of new work and implementing it into company cultures. She guided countless companies on their way to a better culture, focussing particularly on leadership and team development.

Lea has studied economics, politics and sociology and has worked several years in finance and operations until she realized that people are much more interesting than numbers. Consequently she switched to people management in 2012 and became an expert for topics such as leadership, internal communication, motivation, team building and development. She holds a degree in coaching and mediation, and is the CEO & founder of AllesRoger - the new work agency for leadership.

What you will learn during the meetup:

When we hear the word conflict we instantly associate negative things with it. We think of fighting, stress and forcing things through. Lea will give you an intro of conflict sources and dynamics and support you to look at them from a different perspective. Conflicts can end in win-win situations and you will find out how that is possible.


2. Ivo Betke - Country Manager Germany (

Ivo is a technology lover, former engineer and an information
hypernode. He has an extensive knowledge of global engineers movements
and how to attract outstanding talent and build sustainable
relationships with people. He also has a constant insight into new
technologies, the most recent development stacks, emerging business
models and meets inspiring founders every other day. Ivo was the
founder of Webcrowd, now Countrymanager Germany at


3. Karin Heinzl - MentorMe (

Karin is the Founder and CEO of the Berlin-based Social Startup MentorMe. MentorMe connects female students and graduates with the working world through 1) individual mentoring with job-experienced mentors 2) online and offline training on job skills and 3) a multitude of networking events and platforms.

Karin holds a Master in Communications from the University of Vienna. Living in NYC and Washington DC for several years, she gained experience in PR and political communications, earning a postgrad Master in Political Management from the George Washington University. Since then she has worked in politics as advisor and international officer and parallel to that as a lecturer at Universities and organisations in the U.S., Germany and India. In 2015 she founded MentorMe, connecting 100 mentees and mentors in the first year and more than 200 in the second year of MentorMe.

What you will learn during the meetup:

Companies struggle to catch high profile students and graduates. They increasingly want work that gives them meaning and enables to personal growth rather than „big bucks“ only. Karin will give you insight on how Generation Z – the Digital Natives – can be attracted into digital jobs by focusing on social work values. The question is: „How can companies combine digitalization and sense-makting to create and attract talent?“


Our host:

Barbara Bosch ( ( is a passionate speaker, success trainer and event moderator. She helps others to get up on stage without fear, teaches them how to win the audience and shows them that public speaking can be fun. Barbara also trains people to work effectively in international teams. When she is not coaching, you’ll find her on stage, either moderating events or delivering speeches. Barbara is passionate about effective communication, diversity and courage. In addition to being a trainer, speaker and moderator, she is Assistant Director of the Middlebury C.V. Starr School in Germany.