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Hacks/Hackers #34 - How to Build the Aircraft while it Takes Off & more

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Dear Hacks/Hackers crowd,

after a long long break and endless waiting for the summer: let’s restart Hacks/Hackers Berlin with a new chapter on 13th of September.

ZEIT ONLINE will host the event, while we bring you fantastic speakers at the heart of the intersection between Technology and Journalism:

• Linda Rath-Wiggins (https://twitter.com/lynda420?lang=de) is co-founder and CEO of vragments (http://vragments.com/), a berlin-based virtual reality startup. She will talk about Fader, a VR tool which enables users to create and publish their own VR stories easily and fast.

• Janina Mütze (https://twitter.com/janinamuetze?lang=de) (co-founder and COO Civey) sharing with us insights around survey science, algorithms and tidbits in the realm of civic-tech. Civey gives representative results, free of charge and in real time. The Berlin-based startup has developed a data logic that bestows the power of the big opinion research institutes on any citizen.

• Hendrik Lehmann (https://twitter.com/plateauton?lang=de) (Datajournalist @tagesspiegel (https://twitter.com/tagesspiegel)) on his impressive #ddj project verkehrsluecken.tagesspiegel.de (https://verkehrsluecken.tagesspiegel.de/)

• Michael Schultheiss (https://twitter.com/mediamicx) (Head of R&D) and Andreas Loos (http://www.zeit.de/autoren/L/Andreas_Loos/index)(Data Scientist) provide facts and learnings around ZEIT ONLINE's project “May we introduce you to someone? (http://www.zeit.de/gesellschaft/2017-06/germany-talks-dispute-political-contention-english)” Lean back and enjoy their talk "How to Build the Aircraft while it Takes Off"

• Moritz Neujeffski (School of Data Germany (https://okfn.de/en/projekte/datenschule/)) will speak about the forthcoming project OffenesParlament, a platform that gathers information about the German Bundestag. All parliamentary debates of last four years will be made available and can be browsed through. The project also provides users with facts and statistics of the members of parliament.

As always, if you can help us find speakers or have a burning desire for a specific topic to be covered please contact us.

Looking forward to seeing you all again,

Kind regards
Hacks/Hackers organising team.
Zeit Online
Askanischer Platz 1, 10963, Berlin · Berlin
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