Hacks/Hackers #38 - Mozart, Marx and a Dictator & data goes sound


Let's meet in March at ZEIT ONLINE and talk about journalism and technology! We have the following amazing speakers for you!

Marie-Louise Timcke (@datentaeterin https://twitter.com/datentaeterin), will be fresh back from NICAR Conference and full of new ideas. But first of all, she will talk about making the sound of the Social Democratic Party's steep fall (https://interaktiv.morgenpost.de/spd-absturz-sound/). The Berliner Morgenpost team made music out of the last 20 years’ opinion polls.

Lisa Charlotte Rost (@lisacrost https://twitter.com/lisacrost) will show brand new stuff coming from Datawrapper (https://www.datawrapper.de/)!

Guido van Eijck, (@guidovaneijck https://twitter.com/guidovaneijck), an investigative journalist from the Netherlands will explain, how he was able to follow the money using databases to tell this story: https://mg.co.za/article/2016-09-01-00-how-the-dutch-rapped-naspers-over-the-knuckles-for-tax-while-its-bee-scheme-flopped

A team from host ZEIT ONLINE will talk about the making of 'Streetscapes - Mozart, Marx and a Dictator (http://www.zeit.de/feature/streetdirectory-streetnames-origin-germany-infographic-english)', a DataViz-project showing hidden patterns in the 450,000 German street names.

As always, if you can help us find speakers, hosts or have a burning desire for a specific topic to be covered please contact us.

Kind regards,Hacks/Hackers organising team.