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The new year is approaching and with it many planned and unplanned challenges.
To prepare you for better interaction with colleagues, friends and family, we want to kick off the new year with a workshop on how to communicate with empathy and effectiveness.

Our guest speaker is Karen Faith (, former Empathy and Intelligence Director at Barkley and Creativity Consultant at Google. She will present two 90 minute sessions in English, one on listening and the other on presenting. They are both music-themed.

Session 1: Listening & Feedback: How To Give A Shit When Someone Else Is Talking

Do you often find other people's stories hard to deal with?
You are not alone. Giving a shit when someone else is talking is a skill that few are born with. But you know who's great at it? Musicians. In this class, we’ll use musicianship as an entry point to gaining the patience, presence, generosity and non-judgment it takes to give and receive feedback, improve relationships, and feel better about things in general.

Session 2: Presenting, Performing & Pretending: How To Break A Leg

In session 1, we learned to receive performances big and small; this time we're going to learn to give them. Whether on the stage or on the phone, we all must perform. But few of us feel that we're at our best when we do it.
How To Break A Leg is a session on getting your shit together when it really counts. Come learn how to befriend your mind-gremlins and ignite the show stopper within.

Workshop Agenda:

10:00 Meet and Greet
10:30 Session 1
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Session 2
14:30 Feedback and closure
15:00 Official End (Possibility to talk to Karen afterwards)

Kulturetage Messestadt (Riem Arkaden, 3. Stock)
Due to the huge interest, we had to move to a bigger venue)

None. The workshop is sponsored by the HappinessGroup
Food and drinks can be purchased in the Riem Arkaden Foodcourt downstairs.